Valuing Our Volunteers

16 Apr 2023 8:45 AM | Dana Devlin (Administrator)

As a volunteer-run organization, it is the generous people giving of their time and talents that makes ATD Dallas a successful chapter!  This month we have the opportunity to celebrate our volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

I have found that there are several types of volunteers here at ATD Dallas:

  1. The Newbie: Fresh, full of energy, and ready to jump in
  2. The “Day of” Supporter: Able to help during our signature events when we need many hands on deck
  3. The Floater: Floats in and out of volunteer roles as their time allows throughout the years
  4. The Multi-tasker: Is involved and contributes on several of our committees
  5. The Lifer: Will always be here and ready to serve

We see all of these types of volunteers support our largest signature event, Southwest Learning Summit.  Here was most of team that made it happen in 2022!  

The Benefits of Volunteering

I originally got involved as a volunteer because I wanted to meet other learning and talent development professionals in Dallas.  I found it was easier to get know people by working with them!  If you read "My Volunteer Story" in February, then you know how that story goes!  I was so lucky to build a strong NETWORK and gain lifetime FRIENDSHIPS!

There are other known benefits of volunteering.  It is good for your MIND and BODY.  It brings FUN and FULFILLMENT to your life.  I think you can see this happening in our “SWLS Packing Party” that happens the Saturday before the annual Southwest Learning Summit.

You can also develop NEW SKILLS that can impact your career path.  Some skills that come to mind are planning, communication, project management, building relationships, public speaking, leading others, presentation design, A/V, marketing, problem solving, mentoring, data analysis, decision making, budgeting, and negotiating.  And the list could just keep going!

Volunteering also allows you to lean into your STRENGTHS while also STRETCHING yourself!  We saw this happen for our volunteers in 2020!  The SWLS team had to turn on a dime and create the first ever virtual conference.  The team picture was a little different that year via Zoom!  And we had to conduct our volunteer recognition virtually as well.  Thankfully we had some “Zoom experts” by the time we got to that event at the end of 2020!


Recognizing Our Volunteers

Traditionally the chapter has recognized our volunteers at the end of year.  And since 2015, specifically at the AXIS Awards.  With the shifting of this signature event to May 16th this year, we will be taking a different approach to close out 2023!

But we don’t need to wait until the end of year to CELEBRATE OUR VOLUNTEERS!  I want to share my most sincere THANKS and APPRECIATION for all of the volunteers that I have had the pleasure to work with across all my years with ATD Dallas.  

  • The volunteers that stepped forward in 2022 helped bring things back to “normal.”  
  • The volunteers that are currently driving our efforts and events in 2023 are charting the course to where the chapter goes next!  This includes our leaders serving on the Board of Directors and all of the amazing people working on the following teams: AXIS Awards, Marketing, Membership Professional Development, Programs, Strategic Partnerships/Sponsorship, and SWLS.

Do YOU want to be a part of FUN?  Then reach out to me directly to discuss how you can get involved or fill out our volunteer form.

And please join us at the Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, April 18th to help show YOUR APPRECIATION for your fellow members that are serving our chapter as volunteers.  We have some time set aside to recognize them!


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