My Volunteer Story

19 Feb 2023 4:41 PM | Dana Devlin (Administrator)

This is a topic that seems to be an important one these days.  From how to use STORY in marketing, instructional design, and in professional networking situations. 

If you need some insight into that last way, join our Career Development SIG on Monday, February 27 to hear from Rance Greene on this subject of “What’s Your Story?” and how you can share YOUR STORY with the world. 

So, with this inspiration, I thought I would share MY STORY around how I got involved with ATD Dallas (or ASTD as it was back then)!

My Volunteer Story

My story started in 2012 when Scott Harris, incoming Dallas ASTD President, asked me to consider stepping into the role of Southwest Learning Summit & Exposition Chair for the 2013 event.  I was shocked because I had only attended the conference once and had not previously volunteered.  But my boss at the time was on the board and highly recommended me for the role based on what I did in my day job!  This is the point in the STORY where they typically say, “and the rest is history!

I jumped into the deep end for my first volunteer experience!  But luckily, I had a wonderful mentor, a couple of longtime chapter members, a past president, and a handful of other new, gung-ho volunteers that were part of my first SWLS planning committee.

After a successful 2013 event, I stayed on the planning team to mentor the next SWLS co-chairs.  I wanted to give the same support that I had gotten from the past chair.  And thereafter, I kept coming back each year to see how we could grow the event, but also to hang out with these fun people!  Fast forward ten years later, I still have dinners and virtual happy hours with some of these folks that are now dear friends!

I was honored to serve as the SWLS Main Stage Emcee from 2016-2019.  And in 2020, I was thrilled to work with Trey Talley as we took SWLS virtual.  It was an amazing experience where I could help the team out while gaining new skills too! (I felt a little like Savannah Guthrie reading the teleprompter and broadcasting online!)

My volunteer journey also includes helping with the AXIS Awards, the other signature event for the chapter.

This is a fun STORY that I can share with you at happy hour!  I was a last minute “phone a friend” to help out on stage when someone else had an emergency in 2016.  That led to emceeing in 2017, 2018, and 2019.  And in 2021, I gave judging a whirl!

And finally, in 2021 I received an email asking if I would be open to a phone call to discuss the role of President Elect in 2022.  I guess we know how that went since I am serving as ATD Dallas President in 2023!

Your Volunteer Story

So...that is a little bit about my volunteer story.  What is YOUR STORY going to be?  Getting involved with ATD Dallas provides you the opportunity to lean into your strengths, gain new skills, and build lifelong friendships.  I know I wouldn’t trade any of it!

We would love to have you join the fun and start creating your STORY!  Learn more about volunteering here or come join us for the Volunteer Summit on Saturday, March 4 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM at the CoreLogic offices in Irving.  It will be a great way to plug into one of our teams --- Membership, Marketing, Professional Development, Monthly Programs, Southwest Learning Summit, AXIS Awards, or Strategic Partnerships.  I hope to see you there!


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