ChIP (Chapter Incentive Program) 


When you make a purchase from the ATD Store, please use the Dallas ATD ChIP Code: CH7017. 

When you use the Dallas ATD ChIP Code, you help support our chapter! 


Simply enter "CH7017" as your ChIP Partner Code when you are ready to Checkout.
  Visit the ATD Store. 




What purchases from National ATD can be used with ChIP?

Memberships, books, infoline, conferences, anything!


How can I use my chapter's ChIP code to make a purchase on the ATD online store?

Begin by selecting the item(s) you want to purchase and placing them in your shopping cart. Once you are ready to check out, enter your chapter's ChIP code "CH7017" in the field "ChiP/International Partner Code" on the Item Summary screen in the Shopping Cart.


Do people have to be national ATD or chapter members in order to use our chapter’s ChIP code?

No. Anyone, members and nonmembers, can use your chapter’s ChIP source code.

If I use our chapter’s ChIP source code to register for an ATD conference or buy something, will I get a discount?

Using the chapter source code will not trigger any special discount. However, there are so many existing discounts, special offers, early bird registrations, etc., that many people using the chapter source code will benefit from those. This program is an incentive for chapters.



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