What is it? 

Your new place to go to access ALL things learning. Learn more here with our Degreed + You video.

Why Degreed?

Supports the value proposition of being an ATD Dallas Chapter Member. Why? Because talent development isn't just our business, it's who we A.R.E. Starting with our April chapter meeting and then launching to the full membership at our May chapter meeting, part of that access, recognition & expertise will be powered By Degreed.

What’s in it for me?

Degreed is a better, smarter way to discover, learn and certify the skills you need for the future. Degreed connects all the resources people use to learn and grow, including corporate learning systems and millions of courses, videos, books, articles, podcasts, and subject experts from thousands of sources. Degreed links to, curates and tracks all of your professional development activities, including:

     ·    ATD Dallas SIGs, Workshops, Chapter Meetings , SWLS & other learning events

     ·    Professional certifications and degrees

     ·    Harvard Manage Mentor and Leading Edge (access complimentary for members)

     ·    Open Content from a range of partners & sources

        –      Plus: your transcript reflects your lifelong learning and you take it wherever you go!

Where do I start?!?!?

ATD Dallas Chapter Members

     ·    Go to Log In | Degreed and enter your Email address
      (use the one associated with your ATD Membership)

     ·    Password - ATDDallasUserD3gre33!


***If you are unable to login, please contact info@tddallas.org***

Not a Member yet? 

     ·    Learn more about ATD Dallas Membership here.

**Please note, new members can expect a 7 day delay in gaining access and login info.**

   Click here for the FAQs document.   


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Fax: 972-490-4219

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