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From Backup Plan to a Foundation for Success Webinar

  • 22 Feb 2013
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Webinar

From Backup Plan to a Foundation for Success - A free webinar offered through the International Coach Federation


Date: Friday, February 22

Time: 1:00PM CST

Location: Webinar


The purpose of this webinar is to provide practical information, ideas and best practices to aid participants as they implement or enhance a succession management program within their own organization.


Participants will obtain...

  1. Information about succession management concepts, strategic decisions, definitions of successor categories, and identifying critical positions.
  2. New ways to explain the business value of succession planning as a business and risk management function of the organization.
  3. Ideas to increase the accountability (follow-through) of succession planning actions, and to increase the validity of successor identification and results.
Free to Members, for access information login to the website and go to www.dallasastd.org/access.

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