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  • March Career Development SIG: NOISE Analysis for Talent Development

March Career Development SIG: NOISE Analysis for Talent Development

  • 27 Mar 2023
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online

ATD Dallas March Career Development SIG

Hosted by Laurie Barnett


March 27, 2023 / 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Facilitator: Mike Cardus



Many in the talent development world are familiar with SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT has a long-standing approach to personal and talent development. SWOT has many benefits. A concern of SWOT is the problem-focused nature that leaves people with a greater focus on weaknesses and threats.

For a more solution-focused lens on talent development, the NOISE analysis shares a way for you to:

1.       Identify Strengths

2.       Recognize Needs

3.       Seek and discuss Opportunities

4.       Plan Improvements

5.       And recognize Exceptions (what is already working well to amplify and what is not working well to dampen)

Through NOISE, teams and individuals can frame what is working well, how they see the needs and opportunities, and identify areas that they are already doing that need a greater or lesser focus.


Working with you in this interactive discussion, we will:

  1. Identify how to set conditions of psychological safety when having talent development discussions with employees, teams, or large departments
  2. Using the NOISE analysis template, collect and gather your areas of strengths and needs
  3. Discuss applications for use and application within organizations


Mike Cardus

Mike is an experienced managerial-leadership and organization development practitioner with over 15 years of expertise. He specializes in maturing organizations through evidence-based practices that promote long-term sustainability and increased value for stakeholders and customers. Mike’s track record includes a history of achieving double-digit percentage gains in engagement, satisfaction, retention, and work quality through targeted interventions that foster trust, unified cultures, and high-performance teams. He is an expert in using complexity-thinking, human-centered design, and people strategies to align cultures and values, spur positive change, optimize the human experience, promote collaborative problem-solving, and drive ongoing learning and career development... Learn more about Mike.

When: March 27, 2023 6:30 - 8PM

Where: Virtual:


6:20 pm – Zoom opens

6:30 pm – Welcome & Announcements

6:45 pm – Program Begins

8:00 pm – Meeting Concludes

Questions? Contact 972-233-9107 ext. 224 or email info@tddallas.org.

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