14 Nov 2017 8:06 AM | Ruchika Setia

I recently managed to capture President Mike Thompson for a brief chat about our most special members – our chapter volunteers – who we will be recognizing at the AXIS AWARDS gala on December 5.


What’s the role of the volunteer at ATD Dallas?

We’re a BIG chapter with more than 500 members! Because of our size, we offer many different areas for contribution, from programming to special events to marketing/communication and much more. A volunteer with almost any area of interest can make a strong contribution to ATD Dallas.


What’s unique about the volunteer role in ATD Dallas?

In addition to the number and variety of opportunities, there’s the chance for volunteers to stretch their own skills and abilities, especially if their work life isn’t providing that chance. We get to work alongside so many extraordinary people in our industry, but the real relationships are built when we lock arms toward a common goal.  That is the biggest payoff.


How do we recognize them?

We recognize them both formally and informally. Of course, big events and chapter meetings provide an opportunity and we take advantage of it! But possibly more important, we’re a chapter that loves to tell stories about the great things our members are doing. We want to recognize those accomplishments more and more often and celebrate them, until ATD Dallas becomes the benchmark for the rest of the industry.


How have volunteers made an impact on the success of our Chapter’s value proposition?

In every way, shape and form! Our volunteers build programs that engage everyone. Their networking connects us with thought leaders who are willing to share. We’re quick to celebrate and broadcast others’ success stories. And finally, our volunteers’ own expertise helps the group to elevate our collective thinking.


If you’re not volunteering, you’re missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Check out volunteer opportunities on this site, and be sure to join us at the AXIS AWARDS on Tuesday, December 5 to celebrate ATD Dallas and the Talent Development Industry as a whole.


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