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May 16, 2017 Gamification for Learning and Development: Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Engage Learners

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April 4, 2017 President's Quarterly Town Hall (1st Quarter)

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December 13 President's Quarterly Town Hall (4th Quarter)

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November 15 Chapter Meeting: Talent: Competitive & Economic Trends

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September 27 Webinar: President Quarterly Webinar

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June 15 Webinar: Selling Ideas through Visual Stories

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April 6th Webinar: Create a Well-Optimized LinkedIn Brand that Gets Results 

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March 2016 ATD Dallas Chapter Meeting - Southwest Airlines 

SWA has long been known as an employer of choice. Their people are friendly no matter which part of the business you encounter, so it makes sense they do change management well, considering the most difficult aspect of it is the people side. On Tuesday, March 15th SWA hosted the ATD Dallas Chapter Meeting on how Change Management was started and has evolved at Southwest, presented by Lori Winters, Senior Director of Change Leadership.

The are 4 main takeaways:

  1. Tell a story with your change management
  2. Measure the impact of change across the organization

  3. Enlist the business and have a playbook to handle issues

  4. Equip the business for change

Click here for the complete summary and the SWA logo to view the presentation. 

Summary By: Shannon Graham, Talent Consultant  

Shannon Graham is a organizational and talent development consultant and strategist. Her mission is to make the experience at work a better one for both the talent and the 

business. She consults with Bluewater Learning, Strategic Solutions HQ, and TMI Leadership Consulting. She currently serves on the ATD Dallas Chapter membership board and is a long-time ATD fan.

Blog: www.shannontomlingraham.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannongraham1

Twitter: @shannongrahamtx

March 2016 ATD Dallas President's Quarterly Town Hall

ATD Dallas President, Mike Thompson, has shared his vision to make Dallas the talent development capital of the world. To accomplish this vision, the chapter developed a value proposition for our membership: We promise to provide access, recognition and expertise to our members.

Join Mike for a 1st quarter progress update on how we are providing access, recognition and expertise, as well as a sneak peek into 2nd quarter plans.

The quarterly town hall format is designed to be informational and interactive and most of all, to answer the question: How can we better serve you?Help us answer this question by bringing your stories of recognition, feedback, content ideas, and questions to this webinar.

Click here to view a recording of the President's Town Hall. 

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