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25 Jun 2020 1:50 PM | Anonymous

Company: TrainingPros


Position Description:

The Company

TrainingPros, a nationally recognized leader in providing Learning & Development staffing services throughout the U.S. is looking for Learning & Development professionals interested in building a profitable business with our help. The Atlanta-based company is expanding its Account Management team members/owners in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The Business

A Relationship Manager (RM) is a business partner to TrainingPros with each having responsibilities.

TrainingPros responsibilities include:

  • Providing Marketing, System, and Operations support.
  • Matching the best consultant to any open contract positions.
  • Acting as “the bank” – we pay the consultants and invoice the clients.
  • Providing necessary qualifications to procure service agreements with Fortune 1000 corporations.
  • Assist with business development activities.

Relationship Manager / Partner responsibilities include:

  • Networking (Professional Associations, Trade Shows, etc.)
  • Performing Business Development activities as requested.
  • Managing accounts as prescribed.
  • Screening 5 consultants per week for work with clients until 250 have been screened at a minimum. Then screenings can be “as needed”.
  • Volunteering for internal Innovation Teams.
  • Writing periodic industry blog posts.
  • Utilizing Social Media.

The Relationship Manager, with the help of our support team, is initially focused on building our brand in the Dallas market.

The Skills and Experience

To be successful, an RM should bring a strong combination of all or most of the following skills and experience:

  • Seven to ten years professional experience in Learning and Development.
  • Demonstrated ability to diagnose business issues, define solutions, and close on the opportunity
  • Active in local professional organizations (e.g., ATD, professional associations, leadership roles in professional organizations, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience working independently

The Keys to Success

A successful Relationship Manager should exhibit most or all of the following traits:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and attitude
  • An attitude of abundance rather than scarcity
  • Self-starter
  • Willingness and ability to leverage existing relationships to both grow their business and to seek referrals
  • Willingness and desire to become deeply involved in a local professional organization
  • Willingness to use social media and involvement in local and national professional organizations to build brand awareness
  • Willingness to go through 5 weeks of training

Education & Professional Development

  • Bachelor’s or graduate degree preferred
  • Demonstrated history of ongoing professional development

Employment and Compensation

This is an opportunity to build a franchise-like business before franchise fees are added for newcomers. Relationship Managers are required to have an S Corp or LLC and sign a partnership agreement with TrainingPros. If accepted by TrainingPros, the candidate will sign a contract and set a start date with us and begin 5 weeks of training with daily assignments. For the first 12 months, the RM will receive a monthly retainer if all requirements are met monthly. All pay after 12 months is based on commission. Many Relationship Managers earn well above $100K consistently after their first year.

Interview Process

First, the candidate will speak with our Recruiting Director. If approved, the candidate will have multiple interviews with the company president. Lastly, the candidate will interview several existing RMs where the candidate should try to have all of their questions answered about the role. If all parties want to proceed, an agreement will be signed and a start date set.

We are only seeking one RM for the Dallas market and will be selective. This is an excellent opportunity to be your own boss while having support and colleagues.

Please send resumes to:

Director of Talent Acquisition


14070 Proton Rd. - Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244


Phone: 972-233-9107 ex. 224

Fax: 972-490-4219

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