2019 Keynotes 

Morning: State of the Industry 

Session Description 

In the fourth industrial revolution, we are seeing seismic shifts in skills and capability requirements across our clients. Competitive advantage will be achieved by organisations which can transform their workforce capability making it more adaptable and agile. To build enterprise-wide workforce agility, companies must use integrated enterprise resources as strategies: business strategy, workforce planning, mobility, leadership, learning, and performance management. It’s imperative that solutions be designed using leading methods and insights, driven by employee experience, underpinned by analytics, enabled by automation, and powered by assets.

Session Objectives

  • Understand the impact of digital disruption on the workforce and how companies can enable their workforce to be more agile
    • Recognize the major talent implications of automation and other digital disruptions
    • Appreciate the implications of the decreasing importance of roles and the increasing demand for capabilities across the talent lifecycle
    • Illustrate how Leadership, Learning, and Workforce can join together to build agile capability at scale
  • Consider the people, strategy, culture, and technology implications
  • Discuss the pathways forward and what the next five to ten years will be like

Lee Derryberry 

Lee Derryberry is based in Dallas as an I/O Psychologist within Ernst & Young’s People Advisory Services that delivers solutions to help organizations connect their purpose to their culture, leading to sustainable increases in employee performance and engagement.

For the past 10 years, she’s been providing human capital consulting concentrated in workforce planning, HR transformation, performance improvement and change management. She has a particular interest in strategies associated with enabling the current workforce to develop the skills necessary to work in the complex, fast-paced digital world we find ourselves in.

Lee earned her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Laura Hume 

Laura Hume is an Executive Director in the People Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young, LLP. She has spent 25+ years designing and delivering learning and leadership programs that solve complex employee performance issues and drive profitable, sustainable growth. The last 15+ years, she has also designed holistic talent programs (competency model, succession planning, leadership development, performance management, career pathing) that are scalable, sustainable, and relevant to organizational culture. She has worked with companies of all sizes, but has spent most of her consulting life partnering with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries.

Laura received her Ph.D. from UT Austin in Educational Psychology. Her major area of focus was adult learning, cognition, and motivation. Her minor areas were program evaluation and educational administration.

Afternoon: Keynote 

Session Description 

Since most organizations don’t have the resources for everyone to have a coach, it is up to each leader to be equipped to coach and inspire your team.

This session reveals a new, transformative coaching model. It is supported by the latest positive psychology research and field tested, actionable tools that leaders can put to work right away.

Positive Coaching Mindset x Positive Coaching Habits = Winning Results & Relationships

It starts with a positive coaching mindset. Knowing your thoughts, purpose, values and emotions creates a positive coaching mindset. Once you build a positive coaching mindset, you can more authentically and effectively apply the five positive coaching habits to:

  • Gain alignment
  • Ignite engagement
  • Enlist ownership
  • Enhance accountability
  • Deepen commitment

The five coaching habits are framed in a concise, memorable model. No scripts needed! They reflect simple truths based on common human needs, so a leader can inspire winning results and relationships in any setting.

  • To understand the science that makes positive coaching have real, tangible benefits
  • Gain deeper awareness of the 4 levels of knowledge to build a positive coaching mindset
  • To apply simple tools that will enhance consistent use of the 5 positive coaching habits


All attendees will get a free, autographed copy of Lee Colan's newest book, The Power of Positive Coaching. 

Lee Colan 

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. is co-founder of The L Group, Inc., (www.theLgroup.com) a Dallas-based consulting firm focused on leadership. The L Group has been recognized by HR.com’s Leadership Excellence Awards.

Lee is a business consultant, best-selling author and presenter of practical ideas for America’s leading organizations. He blends his in-depth understanding of business, people and organizations with his corporate management experience to equip and encourage leaders at every level.

He has authored 15 popular leadership books, which have been translated into 10 languages. His latest release this year, The Power of Positive Coaching, has been endorsed by leadership and coaching guru Marshall Goldsmith who also wrote the book’s foreword.

Lee earned his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from George Washington University after graduating from Florida State University.


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